sofw journal 09-2017, English, Online

personal care
M. A. Surma, T. Sadowski, C. Klose
Skin Lipidomics: A Tool for Understanding Skin Aging at the Molecular Level
E. Grau
Maslinic Acid: the Secret of Longevity
A. Giménez, O. Laporta, E. Cañadas, A. Soley, R. Delgado
Stimulation of Epidermal Basal Cells for a Renewed Skin
V. Rozman, J. zur Lage, A. Moschner, A. Kielbassa, M. Lefort, F. Pflücker
Advanced Light Protection with Titanium Dioxide
K. Henning
7th Fresenius Cosmetics Conference:
Safety, Quality and Impact of Cosmetics (Part I)
sepawa news
F. Schambil
Future of Laundry and Cleaning, Conference of SEPAWA Specialist Group SEPAWA SME
KahlWax: Skin | Massage Praliné | CMB_001_01
Evonik: Smoothing Air Cushion Foundation | SC 050-11-0003
company news
proDERM: The Local Tolerance Seminar
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