sofw journal 1/2-2017, English, Online

personal care
M. Danaher, E. Segura, D. Scholz, C. Brady
Antimicrobial and Microflorae Interactions: The Potential for
Novel Probiotics for the Skin – Cultivation, Interaction and Protection, Part I
L. Simmonds Mchem
Natural Alternatives for Emulsification Using Oil Technology
T. Vollner
LMC Cosmetics Conference, Part II 
home care
T. Hahn, F. Haitz, N. Schäper, P. Carrillo Riveros, M. Günther, S. Zibek
Mannosylerythritol and Cellobiose Lipids – Versatile Biosurfactants
Y. Seng Lim, R. Stanimirova, H. Xu, J. Petkov
Sulphonated Methyl Esters – a Promising Surfactant for Detergency in Hard Water Conditions
K. Henning
Detergents and Cleaning Products, Fresenius Conference, Part II
M. Koganov, O. Dueva-Koganov, A. Duev, L. Zhang
Multifunctional Sustainable Zeta Fractions from Living Plants
D. Azevedo, C. Graizeau
A Benefit-sharing Case on an Active from the Amazonian Biodiversity
sepawa news
F. Schambil
Surfactants, Polymers, Fragrances and More
Annual General Meeting of the Raw Materials Specialist Group
30th Years of Courage & Khazaka
Evonik: Rich and Caring O/W Cream | H 25/14-3 
KahlWax: As Fresh as a Daisy Cleansing Milk | CFC_003_01
event calendar
Global Industry, SEPAWA 
company news
DERMASENCE Wins the 8th Münster/Osnabrück Marketing Prize
CK-Research Award for Skin Physiology 
Henkel: Persil ProClean Returns to the Big Game
Jungbunzlauer Celebrates 150th Anniversary
Givaudan Announces “Fair for Life” Certification
Success for Croda’s Clear Cleansing Massage Gel Formulation
Government of Canada Invests in Mazza Innovation
The Countdown to PCHi 2017 Begins
RAHN: Best Ingredient Award for Smart Collagen Manager
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