sofw journal 04-2016, English, Online

Personal Care
S. Schagen
Cosmetics for Different Cultures – What Does this Mean?
A. Iddamalgoda, Kazal B. Biswas, K. Tanaka, S. Takayama
Protection Against Pollution-Induced Skin Ageing by a Natural Cosmetic Ingredient
S. Schlay, U. Slotta
Efficient Skin Protection Against Negative Environmental Influences
by Breathable, Vegan Silk Polypeptides
A. Giménez, C. Davi, E. Cañadas, N. Almiñana, R. Delgado
Finding New Solutions Against Pollution
R. Blell, R. Fure, R. Kroepke
Exilva: A New Sustainable Natural Texturiser
J. Vogel, V. Talcott, B. Johnson
A Novel Silicone Dispersion for Unique Textures and Sensory Experiences
J. Jimenez, J.C. Perez, M. Guzman Alonso
Neuro Characterization of Emulsions Sensory Profile: Use of
Electroencephalography (EEG) for Evaluating Pick-Up, Rub-Out and After-Feel
M. Heldermann
The Challenge of Producing a Vegan Formulation in Beauty Products
Home Care
J. Seetz, A. Bouwman, J. Rowland, K. Henning
Improved Rust Removal by Addition of Environmentally Friendly
Sodium Glucoheptonate to the Cleaning Agent
K. Henning
KOLB Colloquium - Biofilm Connect Industries
11th November 2015, Restaurant „Au Premier“, Zurich Central Station 
Country Focus
Imerys ImerCare™ – 100% Natural Minerals for Cosmetics 
GREENTECH at the Crossroad of the Worlds... 
Evonik: Mild Conditioning Shampoo, sulfate-free, UW 231/8 a
Evonik: Spray Detangler “Hair Milk”, leave-in conditioner, UW 830/2
Evonik: Spray Detangler “Hair Milk”, leave-in conditioner, PEG-free UW 830/2/10
Company News
Symrise: High Impact Masterpieces for Scented Creations:
Five Juniors Successfully Pass Symrise Perfumery School Exams
Two Evonik Technologies Win the 2016 China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Award
Symrise AG: Achim Daub Reaffirmed in His Role as Executive Board Member ahead of Schedule 
BASF Receives Halal Certification for Personal and Home Care Ingredients
BTC: Colour Management in Home and Personal Care Formulations
GREENTECH, at the Crossroad of the Worlds
DSM appoints Regional Vice President Personal Care in North America
New Launch at in-cosmetics Paris 2016 Gatuline® Renew: Younger Skin Revealed
23,36 € each

plus 7% VAT (Germany only)

Online available
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