sofw journal 1/2-2016, English, Online

Personal Care
M. Heldermann
The Challenge of Sustainable Natural Waxes
M. Majeed, P. Vaidyanathan
D’Cosmix™ Range of Cosmeceutical Blends
J. Münzenberg, H. Riedemann
Hydrated Silica Particles: Environmentally Friendly and Economical Abrasives for Peeling Formulations
J. Comas, C. Davi, E. Cañadas, N. Almiñana, R. Delgado
The Ideal Cosmetic Ally for the Cold 
K. Henning
IMPAG Cosmetic Seminar 2015, 2nd July 2015, Hotel Schloss Montabaur
Home Care
F. Schinle, G. Ohlendorf, P. Klug, C. Cohrs
Green Surfactants in Hard Surface Applications:
Are Excellent Performance and Low Ecological Impact a Contradiction?
A. Martinez
Apricot Kernel Oil from Kyrgyzstan – the IPD Provides Importers with New Contacts to Alternative Buying Markets
U. Eigener
Microbiological Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Products in Practice
Part I, Basic Elements of the Assessment
Sepawa News
F. Schambil
Current Trends in Washing, Cleaning and Cosmetics
Annual General Meeting of SEPAWA Regional Group West 2015
Evonik: Conditioner, eco-friendly, UW 1135/1
Evonik: Conditioner, cost efficient, UW 900/2
Event Calendar
Company News
Lipotec Presents a New Active Ingredient for Complete Skin Protection from Urban Pollution
Ronastar® Lapis Jewel – For Sparkling Deep Blue Cosmetics
23,36 € each

plus 7% VAT (Germany only)

Online available
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