sofw journal 09-2015, English, Print

S. Leoty-Okombi, F. Trombini, C. Bonnaud-Rosaye, V. André-Frei
Collrepair™ DG – Anti-Ageing Active Ingredient – Reverses 20 Years of Skin Glycation
A. Kleiner, E. Doridot, F. Debaene, C. Ringenbach, O. Peschard, P. Mondon
The Phenomenon of Sensitive Skin
H. Haeusler
Efficacy of a Hyaluronic Acid Gel to Improve the Skin Properties
A. Gimenez, C. Davi, E. Cañadas, A. Soley, R. Delgado
An Integral Approach for a Bright and Even Skin Tone
E. Bartholomey
The Use of Ultramarine Pigments in Cosmetics
A. Thiemann, S. Gröne, M. Salmina-Petersen, J. Jänichen
Wetting Agents – Multifunctional Ingredients in Color Cosmetics
N. Nibbe, H. Gygax, B. Maxeiner
Odour Measurement for Improved Scent Performance in Consumer Goods
L. Pickart, S. Schagen
New Data of the Cosmeceutical and Tripeptide GHK
Product News
Corum Inc., Pioneer Whitening Peptide Technology Targeting
4 Levels of Skin Pigmentation
Dry Skin Recover & Care Face Cream, MM 285/3
In-Shower Body Lotion, SG 41/13-4
Mattifying Make-Up Foundation, SZ 24/13-1
Company News
Evonik Advances RSPO Certifications
The New Miraval® Cosmic Pigment Range from Merck
Latest SCCS Opinion on Alpha-Arbutin Confirms it is Safe for Cosmetic Use
2M Holdings in the 2015 ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors
Subject: The Latest Launch from Vantage Specialty Ingredients-Lipomulse Eco Series
Rich Pickings in Asia for Natural and Organic Brands
Chemtec Chemical Company Adds New Suppliers to Portfolio
Evonik Globalizes Research & Development for the Cosmetic Industry
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