sofw journal 06-2015, English, Print

D. Severino, M. Pojar, A. D. Santos, D. Rodriguês, A. F. Silva, M. S. Baptista
Hair Treatment with Tamarindus sp. Fruit Extract
M. Spiegel
C6 Fluorosurfactants with High Wetting and Spreading Performance without Bioaccumulation or Toxic Effects
F. Weiher, F. Raab
Safe and Effective Green Descaling with Lactic and Citric Acid
S. Schagen
A New Extraction and Purification Method for Active Ingredients Increases Yield and Purity
F. Thomsen
Efficient Quality Control for Cleaned Surfaces
German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association (IKW)
IKW Recommendation for the Quality Assessment of the Product Performance of All-Purpose Cleaners 2014
Sepawa News
F. Schambil
Applied Innovative Cleansers Conference of SEPAWA Regional Group Central
F. Schambil, T. Hofmann, T. Leiblein
Innovations in the Field of Hygiene & Cleaning, Conference of SEPAWA Specialist Group Professional Cleaning & Care (PRP)
Afro-Textured Hair Dressing Cream, Heavy Conditioning, AK 380/4/3
Intensive Conditioning Shampoo for Afro-Textured Hair,AK 380/1/11
Micellar Hair Water, AS 1909/10
Mild Conditioning Shampoo, Sulfate-Free, UW 231/8a
Bonne Mine Aqua Blush
Eye Shadow Shiny Matt Pinkies Transformation N°1
Croda Continues Support of RSPO European Roundtable Event
Company News
KRÜSS Presents Novel Spinning Drop Tensiometer
Cell’intact®: The Solution for Facing Up to Urban Lifestyle and Pollution
Brazil Adopts New Rules on Biodiversity Based R&D for Cosmetics, Food and Pharmaceuticals
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