sofw journal 03-2015, English, Print

A.-I. Guzman Struillou, D. Boudier, E. Le Dudal, M. Dana, G. Bon, M. Le Guillou, B. Closs
Phytotensor Providing Instantaneous Anti-Wrinkle Properties
A. Thiemann, N. Grandke, S. Gröne, M. Salmina-Petersen, J. Jänichen
Wetting Agents – Their Concentration-Dependent Effects on the Energy Demand in the Formation
of Stable Emulsions
O. ExpósitoTarrés, S. Laplana Lasierra, M. Mas Duarte, S. Martínez Ferrero
ARABIAN COTTON Stem Cells – A Synergistic Sun Care and Skin Care Approach
E. Sikora, M. Olszan´ ska, J. Ogonowski
Application of Supercritical Marigold and Chamomile CO2-Extracts in Shampoos
T. Gouin, J. Avalos, I. Brunning, K. Brzuska, J. de Graaf, J. Kaumanns, T. Koning, M. Meyberg, K. Rettinger, H. Schlatter, J. Thomas, R. van Welie, T. Wolf
Use of Micro-Plastic Beads in Cosmetic Products in Europe and Their Estimated Emissions to the North Sea Environment
Sepawa News
F. Schambil
Cleaners, Raw Materials and More: Annual Meeting of the SEPAWA Regional Group West
ZZ Top Cream (expected SPF 10)
Event Calendar
Events 2015-2018
Company News
H&R Group Broadens Expertise in the International Specialty Products Business
Into the Blue: Symrise Partners with CRIEPPAM in Energy-Efficient Lavender Sourcing
Around the Year with CREMER Care
BRB Silicones Strengthens the Support to its Personal Care Customers
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