sofw journal 1/2-2015, English, Print

R. Bayersdörfer, M. Schlingmann, M. Reineking, D. Metten, F. J. Wortmann
Dynamic Humidity Curl Retention – Assessing Polymer Hold Performance
J. A. Boras, B. Martínez-Teipel, R. Armengol, H. Döring
Plant Extract Enhances Hair Density and Stops Hair Loss by Stimulation of Hair Follicle Cells
C.-H. Morice, B. Radigue, C. Winckler
The New Generation of Scrubs to Replace Banned PE Beads
J. Shen
MONTANOV™ L: The Endless Versatility of a Natural Emulsifier
S. Pörschke, E. Weidner
Production of Biowax Powders and the Possibility of Using them in Cosmetic Products
I. Meyer, M. Herrmann, M. le Maire, E. Caviola, P. Pertile
The Reinvention of Ginger Root: A Traditional Plant Promoted to a Multifunctional Skin-Beautifying Active
A. Wanninger, H.E. Katerinopoulos, G. Christoforou, R. Kohlen, T. Köhler, K. Poth, F. Schulze Spüntrup
Sustainable Sources for Cosmetic Ingredients – Evaluation of the Biomass of Crete as a Model Region
C. Müller, P. Klug, C. Cohrs
Fatty Acid N-Methyl Glucamides – The Next Generation Sugar Based Surfactants for Sustainable and Powerful Cleaning
G. Mathisen
Simplifying Detergent Production – A Medley of Enzymes is the Key
Tropical Raw Sugar Body Scrub, BB-1058
Eye Shadow Primer, CC-1071
Company News
Optical Drop Contour Analyzing System – Highly Accurate and Innovative
28th IFSCC Congress Paris, France
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