sofw journal 08-2014, English, Print

G. Blume, M. Langenauer
CARRI-ACTIVE® Nanoemulsions Made of Plant Raw Materials
M. Mentel, S. Wiechers, A. Howe, P. Biehl, J. Meyer
Senses – A Scientific Tool for the Selection of The Right Emollient
C. Düllberg
Trendsetters with A Long Tradition: Essential Oils
I. Van Reeth, R. X. Bao
A Hydrophilic Silicone Elastomer Powder for Broader Formulation Flexibility
S. Dochi, D. Goldstein
A Novel Microencapsulation Technology Ensuring Retinol Stability and Activity
Event Report
K. Henning
»Springtime in Amsterdam« Impressions to the Spring Conference of the DGP, 10–11 April 2014, Amsterdam
E. Rubio, B. Martínez-Teipel, R. Armengol
From in silico PredIction to a Real Cosmetic Active for an Improved Skin Barrier Funktion
Slimming Cream
Company News
Extended Collaboration VARIATI and NCD
GREEN SOFT BUTTER: The Perfect Combination of Two Textures
Brenntag and Evonik are Expanding their Existing Collaboration Further
Evonik Introduces Products on the Basis of Sustainable Palm Oil for the Cosmetics Industry
E.F.E.O. Annual General Assembly 2014 in Grasse
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