sofw journal 5-2020

Personal Care
S. Pain, C. Kalem, A. Courtois, V. André-Frei

A Truly Multiethnic Solution for Oily Skin

F. Bueno de Camargo Junior, L. Moraes Santos Daher de Figueiredo, S.Gonçalves

An Innovative Lipid Replacement for Different Types of Hair

R. Reynaud, M. Fleury, D. Auriol, A. Scandolera, M. Pélican, M. de Tollenaere, E. Chapuis

Revolutionary Hair Pigmentation Recovery

E. Filaire, A. Dreux, C. Boutot, F. Volat, E. Ranouille, J. Demangeon, J.Y. Berthon

Androgenetic Alopecia: Microbiota Landscape and Role of Lindera strychnifolia Roots Extract as a Natural Solution for Hair Loss

I. Montaño, C. Pickel, F. Wandrey

Rebalancing the Excessive Sebum Production in the Scalp

S.C. Pütsch

An Eco-conscious Active Meeting the Specific Beauty Concerns of Olive Complexions

Home Care


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