sofw journal 12-2020

Personal Care
C. Delvallé, J. Garaud, D. Almeida, N. Tafarelo, J. Lanxade, S. Marchioretto, P. Engerer, I. Almiro

Hair that’s Fair: New Generation of Silicone Gum Blends

F. Genrich, C. Koch, S. Lange, N. Bugdahn, G. Schmaus

Next Generation Dandruff Control

M. Mateu, P. Carulla, M.J. Klein, A. Grau-Campistany, S. Pastor, M. Llinàs

A New Peptide Mimicking a Good Sleep in Times of Pandemia

M. Majeed, L. Mundkur, S. Majeed

The Extracellular Metabolite of Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 as the Next Generation Cosmetic Ingredient

U. Eigener, J. Nussbaum, R. Simmering

Evaluation of Health Risks Caused by Microorganisms in Cosmetic Products





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