sofw journal 03-2021

Personal Care
J. Kleinen, J. Venzmer

Thickening of Surfactant Formulations Using Worm-like Micelles

M. Coirier, P. Rouaud-Tinguely, E. Aymard, E. Lasjaunias, B. Closs

Protein Balance, a Key Player in Anti-Aging

A. Werle, C. Stricane, S. Delaunois, B. Mignard, A. Lapeyre, A. Guillaumin, N. Rombaut, J. Brouillot, M. Frechet, H. Chajra

A Japanese Zen Aesthetic-inspired Formulation with a Root-powered Active Ingredient

P. Moussou, V. André-Frei, C. Kalem

Unleashed by the Power of AI: BASF’s New Active Ingredient Protects Skin and Scalp against Silent Inflammation

T. Schmitter, J.T. Fischer, A. Maser, L. Schmidt, L. Garbe, C. Koch

Leveraging the Benefits of Probiotics for Oral Health with heat-treated Lactobacilli based on True Biotic Technology

Home Care
J. Birnbach, J. Esteban, T. Hellweg, P. Schmiedel

Effects of Additives on the Phase Behavior of an EO/PO-Copolymer





Company News

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