sofw journal 10-2021

Personal Care
I. Bonnet, T. Clarius, A. Courtois, K. Kulon

The science behind effective skincare – Three generations of advanced active ingredient release

S. Hettwer, E. Besic Gyenge, B. Suter, B. Obermayer

Can Fermentation “Preserve” the Skin?

Ò. Expósito, A. Guirado, D. Robustillo, A. Gallego, M. Mas, P. Riera, D. Luna, S. Laplana, T. Ruiz, S. Ruiz, M. Gibert

A Cell Nectar to Optimize Vitamin D synthesis: The D-Skin

H. Shao-yong, Q. Qiu-yue, H. Fang, Z. Li-dan, L. Yi-na

A study of prunus persica (peach) resin extract on instant skin firming and anti-wrinkles

R. Kräling, M. Ritter, U. Leist, A. Wittersheim, P. Drechsel, C.-P. Kramer, B. Meinigke, L. Gehm

Heavy Metals in Cosmetic Products

L. Neumann, B. Fellenberg

Data sheets for the evaluation of the efficacy of active substances in cosmetic products

Home Care




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