sofw journal 12-2021

Personal Care
S. Marchioretto, I. Vervier, I. Van Reeth, K. Plotzke, B. Johnson

The Power of Silicones in Cosmetic Applications: The Science behind the Performance

M. G. Bruno, S. Zanzottera

Probiotic-derived Ingredient for a New Era in Skin Harmony

E. B. Marangoni, T. R. Rodrigues, C. Porto, R. T. R. Almeida, M. I. Harris, R. K. R. Oliveira, D. M. B. Moreira, L. G. S. Oliveira, K. J. Silva, B. Malito, J. S. Nakayama

Rhamnolipid: an Eco- and Skin-friendly Alternative to Synthetic Surfactant

R. Campiche, M. Gempeler

Imaging and Visualization: A Gamechanger in Claim Substantiation

J. Nussbaum

Microbiological Quality Management for the Control of Quality Costs (Part 2)

Home Care


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