sofw journal 9-2011

N. Gerlach, M. Herling, U. Heinrich, H. Tronnier
Combination of Three Tests for a Meaningful Efficacy Evaluation of Anti-Dandruff Products 
L. Mores
A New Biopolymer Film-Former for Personal Care Applications
M.S. Kislalioglu
Skin Lightening and Plant-Originated Skin Lighteners 
M. Mateu et al.
PGC-1a Expression is a Key Target to Fight Against Fat Accumulation 
H. Eggensperger, P. Bauer
Combination of Active Agents Against the Loss of Elasticity and Moisture of Skin 
SEPAWA Newsletter
F. Schambil
Troubleshooting in the Cosmetics Industry
G. Reinhardt, M. Best, M. Ladwig
Manganese Oxalate – A Bio-Inspired Bleach Catalyst
Event Report
K. Henning
45th International Detergency Conference May 3rd - 5th, Düsseldorf, Germany Part II
Raw Materials
AMP-ULTRA® PC in Hair Care Formulations 
Matrixyl® 3000 – New test reveals age gain by 2 years in just 1 month
The Power of Natural Oils and Butters for Active Formulas 
Silicone Technology Helps Repair Hair Damaged by Heat 
BASF Enabling Choices for Efficient Solutions Meeting the Latest Market Trends
Shampoo Volume Pro Age
Intensive Anti-Hair Breakage Shampoo 
Company News
Buyer Mission to Peru for European Importers
Charles Tennant & Company Forms Joint Venture with ESSA Technologies™ 
Sabinsa Invalidates Orling’s Boswellin Trademark in Czech Repubic
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