sofw journal 8-2011

C. Rosado, C. Silva, C.P. Reis
Hydrocortisone Nanoparticles for Atopic Dermatitis Treatment
K. Popova, B. Gesslein
Green Formulation
M. Strzalka, D. Chwedoruk, L. Halas, Z. Janeczko
Chemical Composition of Essential Oils found in Selected Salvia Species
S.M.B. Tonkaboni Mohammadbeigi
A Simple Method for Determination of 1,4-Dioxan in Polyglycols, Alcohol Ethoxylate in Trace Quantities by Gas Chromatography – Without Headspace 
D. Whitby, R. Nuñez
Challenging Times for Preservation 
SEPAWA Newsletter
F. Schambil
Phosphates, Pearl Powder and Microsilver for Cosmetics, Detergents and Cleansers
K. Henning
Corrosion and Corrosion Protection on Metal Surfaces
Event Report
K. Henning
45th International Detergency Conference May 3rd - 5th, Düsseldorf, Germany Part I
Raw Materials
Windy, Wavy and Wiped: Photobioreactor Technology for Delicate Species of Microalgae 
Solaveil™ XT-40W – A New Water Based Variant to Solaveil SpeXtra Range 
Vegetan FL Creation – Solution to Specifically Cover Odors Generated by DHA
New Silicone Technology Helps Save Water When Doing Laundry
Tectra Barrier Board 
Hydro-Balancing Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin
New Horizons 2011: »The Evolving Face of Cleaning in the Early 21st Century, October 16-19, Ponte Vedra, Florida
Market Report
Survay on Women and Beauty: Preferably the Most Expensive Brands 
Aluminium Industry Remains on Path of Growth in 1st Half-Year
Company News
Kneipp Aquires French Natural Cosmetics Manufacturer Pierre Cattier 
News from Lipo
P&G Moves its Business Unit Beauty & Grooming Under New Leadership 
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