sofw journal 6-2011

L. Rigano, Ch. Andolfatto, E. Merlo
Eco-Certified Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate: A Green Surfactant with Optimized Performances 
U. Kortemeier, U. Westerholt, Ch. Hartung. O. Springer, S. Herrwerth
A New Liquid Monoalkanolamide Based Thickener for Temperature Stable Viscosities of Surfactant Based Formulas
E. Sikora, K. Sliwa, J. Ogonowki, D. Kalicka
Study of Properties of Shampoos Containing Whey of Cow Milk
Detergents / Surfactants
G. Bonnechère
Lysine Tetramethylene Phosphonate (LTMP): A New Chelating Agent for Low Temperature Detergents
W. Siegert, A. Gückel, S. Carstens
A New Approach to Prevent Waterborne Contamination in Detergent Production
O. Reich, M. Schork, St. Biry
Managing Colours in Home and Personal Care Formulations
SEPAWA Newsletter
F. Schambil
Corrosion and Cleansers
Raw Materials
Tergitol™ 15-S – Surfactants Earn Cleangredients Listing
Organic Biophytosebum 
Alpine Apple Seed Oil
Quillaja Dry Powder Ultra Organic Reduces Sebum
Enjoy Gold: Precious Combinations of Premium Ingredients
Personal Care that Appeals to All the Senses
Vitapur® Cos 5 & 6
Strengthening Shampoo
Hydrating Face Cream 
Society News
Announcement for SEPAWA Awards
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