sofw journal 5-2011

J. Storsberg, L. Stickelmeier
Cellulite – A (Well-) Known Cosmetic Challenge?
P. Morganti et al.
Repair Activity of Skin Barrier by Chitin-Nanofibrils Complexes
B. Obermayer, S. Bänziger
Mature Skin – Is it too Late for Cosmetics?
I.E. Held, M. Husmann, U. Heinrich, H. Tronnier
Dermatological Compatibility of Amino Acid Based Surfactants – A Clinical Trial 
W. Siegert
Preservative Trends in Wet Wipes
M. Langenauer
Microsilver – An Active Ingredient for Skin and Oral Care Applications
M.R. Giles, K.E. Griffiths, P.J. Clark, N.J. Dixon: The Control of Copper Ions in Laundry Systems Using EDDS 
SEPAWA Newsletter
F. Schambil
Focusing on the Consumer and Environment: Latest News on REACh, Allergies, Poison Information and Nanomaterials
Interview with Peter Schneider, DSM – Now Retired after 48 Years on the Job
Raw Materials
Sanicapyl™ – A Natural Solution for a Healthy Scalp and Beautiful-Looking Hair
New Silicones for Personal Care
Actipone® – Superveggis for Cosmetics Products
Resistem™ – Beautifully Immunized Against Time
Body Butter
Long Lasting Fragrant Body Lotion
Company News
SEPPIC Sets Up in Dubai
Lubrizol México – Office Relocation
Novozymes Reports Solid Q1 Sales and Earnings
ISP and Takasago: Technology Alliance To Develop Novel Oral Care Solutions 
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