sofw journal 3-2011

S. Bielfeldt, A. Böhling, K.-P. Wilhelm
Bioengineering Methods to Assess Aging Parameters in the Depth of the Skin
T. Herrling, M. Seifert, K. Jung
Characterization of the Coating Efficacy of Inorganic UV Filters by Using Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy
B. Durand, I. Vervier, C. Delvallé, S. Massé
Innovative Solutions for Water-in-Silicone Emulsions
C. Reymermier, V. Degrave, B. Sohm, B. Vogelgesang, V. Andre-Frei
Alpinia Galanga Leaf Extract: Boost High Molecular Weight Hyaluronan to Erase Shadows
M. Lüder
The Olive – A Natural Supplier of Active Ingredients for Skin Lightening and Age Spot Reduction
L. Rigano, Ch. Andolfatto, A. Radice
Moringa Seed Oil – The New Soul of Cosmetics
Event Report
K. Raabe
HPCI Congress Mumbai, India December 16 – 17, 2010
P. Degen, S. Leick, M. Paulus, H. Rehage
Interaction of Nanoparticles with Surfactants at the Liquid Gas Interface 
Cesio Vienna 2011 – On the Road to the 8th World Surfactant Congress and Business Convention:
Interview with Thomas Greindl, President of CESIO 
Interview with Alex Föller, Member of the Organisation Committee .
V. Olip
Polyoxycarboxylates (POC) – Potential Auxiliaries for the Treatment of Calcium, Iron and Manganese in Water Loops
Company Profiles
KahlWax: Experience • Expertise • Diversity
Raw Materials
SMART5 – Solution for Formulators Seeking D5 replacement
Appeal to All Senses – Even the Sense of Responsibility
SLIMEXIR® – The Silhouette-Refiner Which Combate Excessive Fat
Latest Stem Cell Test Results for Phytosan™ K 
New Skin Brightener: REGU®-FADE
VITALAYER® – A Multiactive Ingredient 
Pamper Yourself with Beauty Serum
Plant Cell Culture 
Powerful Lanolin-based O/W Emulsifier
Dual-Action Wrinkle Serum
Wrinkle Soothing Serum
Regenerate Day Cream with Soft Focus Effect
Natural Lip Balm 
Moisture Source Face Cream
Quick Drying Manual Dishwashing Liquid
Event Report
PCHi 2011 Opens On A Strong, New Note
Aladdin’s Lamp and Innovative Recycled Lotions & Potions 
Company News
Biesterfeld Spezialchemie GmbH New Distributor for alicylates & Chemicals Pvt.Ltd
neochem GmbH New Distributor for ICT Inc.
Azelis to Acquire S&D Group Ltd, UK
Lipotec Announces Opening of a Subsidiary in Oceania 
Brenntag Opens New Chemical Distribution Facility in Indonesia
Authors’ Guidelines
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