sofw journal 6-2010

T. Herrling, K. Jung, J. Fuchs
The Radical Skin Status Factor RSF – An Universal Indicator for the Classification of Skin Changes 
L. Pickart, A. Margolina
GHK-Copper Peptide in Skin Remodeling and Anti-Aging
A. Oborska, J. Arct
Skin Permeation of Flavonoids – Model Approach
H. van der Hoeven, S. John, S. Borchert, J. Lofthouse
Improving Tensile Properties of Hair with a Natural Moisturizer
Y. Boland
Carboxymethyl Inulin: A Multifunctional Ingredient for Eco-Friendly Detergents 
Household Products
M.W. Sulek, T. Wasilewski, E. Klimaszewska
Cenosphere Derived from Fly Ash as a Modern Abradant for Scouring Milks Manufacture
Raw Materials
Aroma Chemicals: New Products from BASF 
ZONASE X™ – A Norwegian Natural Mariene Ingredient 
SYNTRAN® – Water Based Specialty Acrylic Polymers
HyaCare® Filler CL – The Topical Wrinkle Smoother
TILAMAR® Polymers – New Standards in Styling, Conditioning and Shine
Hair Care, Cleaner, Floor Polish 
Test Methods / Packaging
Animal-free Methods for Chemical and Drug Testing 
New Analysis Method Could End Use of Shark Oil in Cosmetics 
Aerosol Packaging: Coming to Grips with the Lubircants Market
Cosmetics Mixing Seminar 
ALUMINIUM 2010 Conference September 14 - 16, 2010, Essen, Germany
Society News
european tube manufactures association 2009 Economic Crisis: Tube Makers Cope with Moderate Losses in Production
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