sofw journal 4-2010

Ch. Carola, R. Graf, L. Heider, H. Hanau, C. Wirth
Dihydroxy Methylchromone: A Nature-Like Anti-Aging Ingredient
H. van der Hoeven, S. John, S. Borchert, J. Lofthouse
A Natural Active Ingredient Having a Versatile Approach Towards Soothing and Strengthening the Skin’s Defense
J.L. Duffy, K.A. acian, R.U. Rojas Wahl
Silicones and Naturals – Enhancing Sensory, Aesthetics and Efficacy 
P. Dimitrova, D. Dimitrov
Catalytic Activity of Ascorbic Acid and Ammonium Carbonate in Oxidative Hair Dyes
P. Klug, M. Kunze, C. Mildner
Tackling Low pH Formulation Challenges – A New Technology for Creating a Yield Force in Surfactant Formulations at Low pH
G. Blume, K. Jung
New Nanocapsules with High Loading of UV-Filters 
M. Siekierski, R. Armengol, A. Benaiges, J. Bosch, M. Moreno, J. Martinez, X. Mayol
New Methodology for the Search of Novel Active Substances Delaying Dermal Fibroblasts Senescence
Home Care
M.W. Sulek, T. Wasilewski, E. Klimaszewska, M. Ogorzalek
Modern Scouring Powders Based on Cenosphere 
F. Janczak, R. Stamminger, D. Nickel, H.-D. Speckmann
Energy Savings By Low Temperature Washing
Raw Materials
REVIDRATE™ – Recreates the Skin’s Own Natural Moisture 
Cayoma® Olive for Skin Lightening and Age-Spot Reduction
Rona-Care® Cyclopeptid-5
Cucumber Oil – Cucumber Cool
Natural Phenethyl Alcohol – A Masking Agent with Antimicrobial Properties
Liposome Herbasec® Botanical Extracts 
Jojoba Buttercreme™ 
Naturecare – Pearly Conditioning Care Shampoo
Contentment Cream
German Aluminium Association –GDA e.V.: Greenwashing vs Green Cycling
Moscow Remains Russia‘s Consumer Powerhouse
The Cosmetic Market in Germany 2009: Optimistic Prospects for 2010
E.F.E.O. Paves Way for further REACh Registration Consortia
5th World Congress on Emulsions
Preservation of Skin Care Products – Webinar
Event Report
PCHi 2010: Shanghai, China – 10 to 12 March 2010 
Company News
Kolb / DSM / Moellhausen / Azelis / Fribad Cosmetics Group 
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