sofw journal 3-2010

W. Wieteska-Skrezecynska
Application of the Low Molecular Weight Peptides in Cosmetology 
M. Mateu, M. Mangues, R. Delgado, J.L. Viladot
A New Cosmetic Active that Helps to Protect DNA from Damage Caused by Aging
P. Morganti et al
Cosmetic Science in Skin Aging: Achieving the Efficacy by the Chitin Nano-Structured Crystallites
A. Oborska
The Tea in Cosmetic Industry
U. Kortemeier, J. Venzmer, A. Howe, B. Grüning, S. Herrwerth
Thickening Agents for Surfactant Systems 
G. Mildau, B. Huber
The New EC Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 – Contents and First Explanations
J. Venzmer
Hairs, Cars, Textiles: In Quats We Care 
Raw Materials
Mascaras Take the Plunge with SYNTRAN® PC 5775
Aristoflex® Grades Extend Soft Skin Feel to New Applications 
TEGO® Turmerone – The Golden Spice of India 
New Natural Concepts with Sucrose Esters 
Company News
DSM Announces Management Changes
Fair-trade Evaluation for Aboriginal Plants 
Frutarom Names Salvatore Gargano as General Manager of Health Business Unit 
Predecessor Dr. Olaf Stange Heads New BTS Southeast Asia Office in Singapore 
Univar to Acquire Quaron 
Henkel with Strong Performance in Fourth Quarter 
Soap Manufacturing Technology
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