sofw journal 12-2009

56th SEPAWA Congress and 5th European Detergents Conference 2009
H.G. Hauthal
Congress Report, October 14th – 16th 2009, Congress Centrum Würzburg, Germany
J. Lademann, S. Trauer, H. Richter, W. Sterry. A. Patzelt
Interaction of Nanoparticles with the Skin Barrier – Safety Aspects and Pharmaceutical Potential
S. Anzali, A. Jonczyk, A. von Heydebreck, R. Graf, H. Driller
A Smart Cyclopeptide Mimics the RGD Containing Cell Adhesion Proteins at the Right Site
M. Stepulak, J. Arct, S. Majewski
Physicochemistry and Biological Activity of Sphingolipids 
P. Dimitrova, D. Dimitrov
Determination of Dyestuff Formation Rate by Oxidative Hair Dyes in Dye Bath
K. Koch
Fabrication and Characterisation of Biomimetic, Hierarchical Structures for Superhydrophobicity, Low Adhesion and Self-Cleaning Surfaces
Raw Materials
Mini-Trigger Sprayer Line
Emulsense™ – Truly Natural Hair Conditioning & Emulsification 
Lipidamix® – Oil-Soluble, Eco-Designed Plant Complexes
Genaminox® CHE – For Hard Surfaces Boosts Green Credentials
Formulating Green Made Easier 
Jaguar® HP120 to Formulate Hydro-Alcoholic Hydrating & Antibacterial Hand Gels
INOLENS® 4 – An All-natural Rosemary Formula
PCHI – Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, 10 - 12 March 2010
Company News
Ten Years of Wacker Metroark Chemicals in Kolkata, India 
Symrise Acquires Futura Labs Group
Purac Introduces its New Logo and Corporate Identity
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