sofw journal 11-2009

A. Wingenfeld
A New Broad Spectrum Preservative for Difficult-to-Protect Personal Care Formulations
A. Mitarotonda, P. Camattari
»Easy Rheology« for the Evaluation of Fundamental Properties of Polymers for Cosmetic Applications 
E.M. Marinova, A.G. Toneva, N.V. Yanishlieva
Effect of Some Spices on the Oxidative Stability of Sunflower Oil During Storage
C. Wood, E. Max, A. Fery, A. Sugiharto
AFM Based Single Hair Interaction Measurements
L. Ambroisine, E. Mauger, A. Elfakir, J. Latreille, M. Tenenhaus, G. Coudin, C. Guinot
Impact of Lifestyle, Well-Being and Skin Appearance on Subjective Age of French Adult Women
S. Chao, A. Wipret, B. Henault, J.T. Roidl, A. Hilberer, S. Ugazio
New Silicone Antifoam Technologies for Automatic Dishwashing Application
R. Stamminger, C. Streichardt
Selected Aspects of Consumer Behaviour in the Manual and Mechanical Dishwashing in Germany
Market Report
Emergence of Dermocosmetics in India – Challenges and Opportunities
Raw Materials
PuraFast™: For Short Cycle and Low Temperature Washing
SYN®-Glycan: New Peptide Formula
ABIL® EM 97 S: Emulsifier for Water-in-Silicone Emulsions
AstaPure® in Sunscreen and Face Care Products 
Inyline™: A Novel Anti-Aging Hexapeptide for Cosmetic Applications 
SymSitive™ 1609: Treating Sensitive Skin
Society News
Aluminium – A Sustainable Materials 
European Cosmetics Industry Event at European Parliament Shares Outcome of World Congress on Alternatives 
Company News
Kolb Group Switzerland: All Change at the Top
Unilever to Acquire the Personal Care Business of Sara Lee Including Brands Like Sanex, Radox and Duschdas
Naturex and Natraceutical Group Sign their Merge in Ingredients
Dr. Marijn E. Dekkers to be New CEO of Bayer AG
First Fairtrade Beauty Products Launched in the UK
Authors’ Guidelines
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