sofw journal 10-2009

T. Borén, K. Ludvig, K. Andersson, J. Seetz
Eco-Efficiency Analysis – Applied on Chelating Agents
S. Friis-Jensen
Substitute Surfactants for Sustainable Cleaning 
F. Rittig, R. Baur, C. Esper, U. Steinbrenner, J. Tropsch, S. Zimdahl
Surfactant Blends for Emulsifying and Cleaning 
P.J. Matts
A New Approach to Anti-Aging Skin Care – Biology, Technology and Psychology
T. Butz
Dermal Penetration of Nanoparticles – What We Know and What We Don’t 
M. Husmann, U. Storzer
Sensoric Profiles of Emulsions with Phosphoric Acid Esters as Emulsifiers
Olus (Vegetable) Oil – A True Alternative to Petrolatum
V.V. Tuchin
The Latest Advances in Skin Optical Clearing
N. Subirats, P. Castán, M. Stapels
Alkyl Ether Carboxylates – Multifunctional and Outstanding Performance for Personal Care Applications
S. Dell’Era
Influenza A (H1N1) Pandemic
Raw Materials
SYNTRAN® Polymers
Green Formulation Set for use in Natural Cosmetics
Escalol® S – A UV Absorber for Premium Broad Spectrum Protection in Sun Care Products 
ProContour™ – To Fight the Actual Signs of Cellulite 
ABIL® Quat XL 80 and ABIL® T Quat 60: New Silicones for Skin and Hair Care
DESOXINE BIO® – A Cutaneous Detoxifier-Organic Certified
COLLAMEX – New Trials Underline Reparative Properties
Preservation Performance: Optiphen® MIT Ultra to European Market 
Market Report
The Positive Psyche of the US Natural Beauty Buyer, Demographic and Psychological Aspects for Long-Term Customer Relationship Success
Company News
Gabriel Khazaka Appointed as Honorary Professor
AkzoNobel Names Personal Care Sales Veteran Mark Wilbur as Strategic Account Manager
Clariant Opens Strategic Production Facility in Zhenjiang, China
Cognis Appoints New CFO: Klaus Edelmann to be succseeded by Dr. Marco Panichi
Checklist for Authors 

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