sofw journal 9-2009

U. Osterwalder, K. Jung, M. Seifert, Th. Herrling
Importance of UVA Sun Protection: A Comparative Analysis of Different Quality Control Methods
T. Rudolph, J. Pan, R. Scheurich, F. Pfluecker, R. Graf, H. Epstein
Superior Two Step Approach to Completely Photoprotect Avobenzone with a Designed Organic Redox Pair
L. Rigano, N. Lionetti, G. Gazzaniga, F. Rastrelli, A. Bonfigli
A New Biologically Compatible Physical Sunscreen with Skin Firming Properties
C. Barrett, A. Gripp
Solubilizing Avobenzone in Sunscreen Formulations without C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate
I. Pomytkin
Interleukin-1 Alpha, an Epidermal Cytokine Critical for Skin Renewal
J. Storsberg
Nanotechnology in Cosmetics – The Key to Better Performance 
Event Report
K. Henning
44th International Detergency Conference of WfK
A. Lukas
Making Cosmetics: New Ways to Cut Batch Times and Safe Energy 
Sustainability Event
K. Raabe
Can »Green« Become Even »Greener«? Cognis Sustainability Event 
Raw Materials
L-Fucose – A Rare Sugar Used Against Aging of the Skin
La’ Youth – Exotic Naturals
SALSOTHIN G – Adipo-Minimizer Active 
Triangle Complex Active Ingredients
SymRelief® – Botanical Active Ingredient (-)-α-Bisabolol . 71 Vitamin E Delivery System Enhances Ingredients Penetration
Film Former with Unique Formulation
Test Methods
Virtual Skin™ Technology to Demonstrate Effectiveness of Proteomics-Based Computer Modelling of Skin Biology
New Tool to Test Hair Stiffness and Lubricity
Society News
Tube of the Year: European Tube Industry Demonstrates Innovativeness and Creativity
EU and Cosmetics Industry to Co-Fund Animal Testing Alternatives 
Company News
Univar Reinforces its Environmental Expertise
Dr. Straetmans Expands its Distribution Network in Asia
Cognis Corporation Recognized by EPA for Environmentally Preferable Cationic Surfactant
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