sofw journal 7-2009

K. Fent, P.Y. Kunz
Occurence and Effects of Hormonally Active UV Filters in the Aquatic Environment 
N. Belot, C. Bastin, M. Leroy, F. Fandango, L. Naa, A. Chretien, O. Toussaint, A. Meybeck, M. Salmon
UV-Induced Premature Senescence as a Model to Study Photo-Aging: A Case Study with 1,25 Dihydroxyvitamin D3 
M. Mateu, M,. Mangues, J. Cebrián, C. Carreño, N. Almiña
A New Accelerator and Long-Lasting Tanning Patented Peptide
F. Sahuc
Reconstructed Human Pigmented Epidermis (RHPE): An in vitro Model for the Evaluation of Melanogenesis
S. Gehm
A Well-Formulated Sunscreen for the Right Protection
New Applications for the Aboriginal Remedy: Tea Tree Oil – Wrapped up in Sugar Molecules surfactants
K. Lelen´ , J. Arct, S. Majewski
Reduction of Irritations Caused by Household and Home Care Products 
56th SEPAWA Congress and 5th European Detergents Conference
Raw Materials
Hybrid – Photostable UVA Protection 
SolaStay™S1 Outperforms Other Photostabilizers to Optimize UV Filter Performance
Wash-on™ Technologie: UV-Schutz beim Duschen 
Melatime™ for Faster and Longer Lasting Tan
Peptan™ Proven for Moistuizing and Anti-Aging Effects 
La’Youth – Exotic Naturals for Ageless Skin
Sun Care Solutions from Cognis Care Chemicals
Society News
The Herboretum – An Association Supported by Two Acclaimed Names of the Cosmetic Industry
Publication of COSMOS-Standard
Company News
BASF Presents Concept for Basel Site
Cognis Opens Affiliate in India
SEPPIC Joins »Cosmetic Valley«
DSM and Lonza Strengthen their Partnership
Procter & Gamble: Susan E. Arnold Retires 
Authors’ Guidelines
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