sofw journal 5-2009

Dahlkyun Oh
Validating Proteins as Functional Cosmetic Ingredients – an hGH Case 
M. Massironi, G. Vielhaber, I. Meyer, P. Pertile
A Novel ex vivo Pig Skin Organ Culture Model for Efficacy and Safety Testing
M. Tallon, J.J. Merianos, S. Subramanian
Non-Desturctive Method for Determining the Actual Concentration of Free Formaldehyde in Personal Care Formulations Containing Formaldehyde Donors
W. Stelter
A Mineral Oil-free Emulsifier Blend for W/O Emulsions 
D. Schmid, F. Zülli
Cosmetic Actives for an Efficient Treatment of Age Spots
N. Mikami, B.W. Gesslein
The Importance of Amino Acid Application to Skin Origin, Permeation and Effects for Skin Care
Cleaning Products
M. Hombeck
Biocide Solutions for Modern HI&I Formulations
Raw Materials
Silicones in Soaps
Goe Body Oil – A Combination of 28 Plant, Fruit and Flower 
Sucrose Esters: Natural Cosmetics with a Luxurious Feeling
Society News
Larger, more modern, more central: SEPAWA Congress in Fulda as of 2010
Biodiversity: An Emerging Trend
Market Report
Normal Paraffin Market to Face Supply Challenge
Company News
Antaria and Merck Sign Licensing Agreement
Sabinsa and Kraemer & Martin Sign German Distribution Agreement
Lehmann & Voss Distributor Distributor of Doosan Dorporation Korea 
Univar Names Paul Henderson Country Leader Switzerland 
New Member of Symrise’s Supervisory Board: Dr. Thomas Rabe 
International Flavors and Fragrance Reports a 5% Increase in Sales in Fiscal 2008
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