sofw journal 4-2009

L. Rigano, N. Lionetti, R. Othero
Quillaja Triterpenic Saponins – The Natural Foamers 
R. Graf, F. Pflücker, J. zur Lage, M. Prenzel, H. Epstein, U. Heinrich, H. Tronnier, C. Wirth
Nature Meets Technology – The Natural Cosmetic Ingredient Tiliroside 
P. Morganti, H.-D. Chen, H.-H. Gao, Y. Li, C. Jacobson
Nanoscience Challenging Cosmetics, Healthy Food & Biotextiles
L. Fischer, S. Scheid, C. Thomas
With New Dispersing Technologies Towards Nanoparticles 
D. Boudier, S. Mazalrey, S. Gofflo, E. Vignau, B. Closs
Double Approach for Improving the Epidermal Barrier Function
J. Meyer, Ch. Hartung, F. Unger
Silicones Beyond Sensory Benefits: A New Silicone-based High Performance O/W-Emulsifier
A. Reinhart
Nanoparticles in Cosmetics and Their Legal Status 
IKW ad hoc working group »Safety Assessment of Detergents, Cleaning and Maintenance Products«: Example Safety Assessment of an All-Purpose Cleaner
Event Report
S. Krus
First Home and Personal Care Ingredients Congress – hpci 2008: Combination of Education and Business  Communication
Raw Materials
schülke: Hygiene and Preservation for over 115 Years
PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica: New Study Results 
Dr. Straetmans: New Product Line Dermorganics® 
Actiwhite™ LS 9808 – A New Generation of Skin Lighteners
New Cosmetic Protein Ingredients
SYNTRAN PC 5500 Film Former Polymer
UNISPERES™ – A New Generation of Visual Cosmetic Carriers
Organic Jojoba and Natural Emollients 
Bacteria Unwanted: Sheep’s Protective Shield 
Plantasil Micro for Improved Hair Conditioning Performance of Shampoos
Lexgard® OE 90 and Lexgard® NAP – New Preservaitve-free Blends
CTPA has Fought Back Against Criticsms Made by the BEUC of the New EU Rules on Nanomaterials in Cosmetics
Society News
etma Celebrating Fiftieth Anniversary and a European Success Story 
Market Report
Do we Really Need all that Packaging? 
Report on Natural Cosmetics Market in Germany and the UK 
Company News
Merger Control Authorities Approve Acquisition of Ciba by BASF 
Sasol Wax GmbH and Safic-Alcan UK
Barentz Becomes Exclusive Distributor in Bulgaria and Romania for Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients
Clariant to Launch Stratetic Production Facilities in Zhenjiang, China
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