sofw journal 3-2009

K. Steinbach, U. Schmidt
A New Concept Approach Towards Anti-aging Cosmetics
C. Tornier
A User Friendly and Reliable ECVAM Validated In Vitro Skin Irritation »42 bis« Protocol
A.Dussaud, L. Fieschi-Corso, S. González
Functional Versatility of Linear Amino Silicone Multiblock Copolymers for Hair Care
H. Eggensperger, P. Bauer
Vitamin Repair
E. Dambacher
Natural Cosmetics – Success Despite Consumption Decline
C.-D. Hager et al.
Anaerobic Biodegradation of Surfactants
Federal Office of Public Health, Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment: Recommendations on Waterproofing Aerosols in order to Minimize Consumer Inhalation Toxicity Risks
Raw Materials
EpiCalmin TCM – Synergistic Combination of 2 Plants used in TCM 
Ecosurf™ EH – New Line of Biodegradable Surfactants
Natural Cleansing Power Saponines from the bark of the Quillaja Tree 
TEGO® Pep 4-17 – Collagen Boosting Bioactive for Anti-aging Formulations
Hostacerin SFO – With the Emulsifying Power of the Sunflower 
Dictyopteris Oil: Replumping Lips and Bust – Volume Capture
Biostatic System: Lexgard® OE 90 and Lexgard® NAP 
Market Report
Desire for Performance coupled with Natural Ingredients Boosts Botanical Actives Consumption in Personal Care
Healthy Growth for the Naturals Market in the Face of the Economic Downturn
csc’09: 22. - 24. April 2009, München, Conference Program
Cosmetic Topical Delivery Workshop: »Bioencapsulation – Industrial Symposium« 20. April 2009, München
Cosmetic and Sensory From Neurosciences to Marketing, 24 – 26 June 2009, Tours, France
Company News
Biotechmarine spreads its Distribution Network
Evonik Medavox to cease production of hydrogen peroxide and sodium percarbonate in Italy
Claudia Rigert-Sent is New Sales Director at ROVI Cosmetics International
Body Shop cuts 275 jobs in restructuring effort
KYOWA HAKKO BIO and Daiichi Fine Chemical integrate its Euorpean entities
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