sofw journal 1/2-2009

A. Pods˛edek, M. Sikora, D. Kalemba
The Determination of Antioxidant Activity of Essential Oils 
K. Hill
Alkyl Polyglycosides – Where »Green« Meets Performance
M. Axterer, J. Röding
Formulating Natural – Using Modern Ingredients
H. Engels
Mint, Elderberry, and Edelweiss – Organic Herbs from the Napf Region in the Lucerne Mountains, Switzerland 
Citrus, Rose and Lavender – Nature-identical Fragrances from the Chemical Laboratory 
V. Maienschein
Colourless Carotenoids – An Effective Antioxidative Shield Against Photoageing 
R. Schwering, L. Belkoura, R. Strey, T. Sottmann, X. Gong, H.T. Davis
A Journey Towards Novel Template Materials for Nanoparticle Synthesis
A. Föller
Step by Step – REACh Requirements and their Implementation in the European Surfactant Industry
M. Herzog, W. van Drunen, M. Selter
Protection and Care of Parquet Floors
Event Report
Perspectives for Natural Cosmetics – Natural Cosmtics as a Perspective Conference organised by Dr. Streatmans,
November 13th, 2008, Cologne, Germany
Market Report
Japan: Make-up – Skincare – Haircare
Report underlines global divide for prestige beauty in 2008 
Raw Materials
Global toothpaste manufacturer taps into Nanotechnology
Gatuline® Skin-Repair Bio Restructuring Anti-aging
Society News
COSMEBIO reinforces its permanent team by creating the post of Development Director
Cost Rises threaten the European flexible tube industry
IFSCC: Maison G de Navarre Young Scientist Prize 2009
Company News
Promoting climate – compatible consumption Sustainability at Henkel: Contributing to the Product Carbon Footprint Pilot Project
Rohm and Haas slashes 900 jobs in second round of cuts
JEEN® fully REACh compliant 
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