sofw journal 12-2008

SEPAWA Congress 2008
H.G. Hauthal
55th SEPAWA Congress and 4th European Detergents Conference 2008 Congress Report
L. Rigano, Ch. Andolfatto
Facial Masks and the Skin
A. Pawelczyk, L. Zaprutko
Active Components of Chocolate in Cosmetics
S. Herrwerth, H.H. Wenk, U. Kortenmeier, B. Grünung, I. Ulrich-Brehm, M. Quadir
Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose: A Unique Surface Active Polymer with Outstanding Versatility for Rinse-Off Applications
M. Matthäi, H. Gutberlet
Temperature – A Hot Issue Presentation 1st World Candle Congress, Orlando
Raw Materials
Soft Focus Additive 
Preventhelia™ – A Pure Concept that Protects Cells Core from Aging
Wake-up your Make-up with SYNTRAN Film Formers
Rejuvenate and Boost Dermal and Epidermal Adult Stem Cells
Hydresia™-GS – ein »Multi-Tasking-Produkt«
Kendi Oil and Nyamplung Oil – Two Organic Cosmetic Oils
Society News
COSMOS-Standard Consultation Launched
IOS: International Organization for Standardisation Bitter or Sweet? New ISO Standard to Promote Consistency in Sensory Analysis
AEROBAL: Aluminium Aerosol Can Industry Faces Challenges of Cost Increases and Sustainability
Events / -report
Beauty Eurasia, 18 – 20 June 2009, Istanbul, Turkey
23 - 26 October 2008, Moscow, Russia
The First hpci-Congress – A Resounding Success 25 - 26 November 2008, Warsaw, Poland
Company News
Personnel Announcement from CLR
Symrise opens »Global Citrus Center« in Brazil
Kemira Specialty Changes Company Name Back to Previously Held TRI-K Industries Inc.
Laure Vouzellaud Sales Manager for Botanica France 
Merck Concludes Pre-Registration of Chemical Substances in Accordance with the EU Regulation REACh
Events in 2009 
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