sofw journal 11-2008

K. Radke, S. Champ, E. Pfrommer, S. Schulte
UV Absorbers – Of Concern According to REACh ?
H.-P. Hanssen, O. Neugebauer, M. Kerscher
Active Ingredients from Mushrooms and Other Fungi – from TCM to New Products in Cosmetics and Dermatology
Shubhra Goutam, S. Saraf, V. Rai
Chemical and Antimicrobial Analysis of Fatty Oil Derived from Seeds of Diospyros montana Roxb
M. Farwick, P. Lersch, G. Strutz
Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: Its Effects on Epidermal Gene Expression & Skin Ageing 
L. Rigano, Ch. Andolfatto, R. Damasch, A. Bonfigli
Boron Nitride: Many-Sided Qualities for Skin Care Applications
H. Motson
Protein Based Surfactants in Home Care – A Sustainable Resource
A.M. Bohlmann
A Valid Tool in Lice Prevention – Ethyl Butylacetylaminopropionate
R. Garaffa
ε-Phthalimido Peroxyhexanoic Acid: A New Commercial Way Forward to the European BPD Compliance
Safety Assessment of Cleaning and Maintenance Products, which Contain Nanomaterials and/or Form Nano-Layers
Society News
G. Greenoak, X. Romeu, J.W. Wiechers, A. Wyatt, F. Kanda
From Theory to Practice – A New Way Forward for the IFSCC ?
Raw Materials
New Evonik Products and Technologies for Skin and Hair Care 
New Study Confirms that Carnipure™ Supplementation Can Help During Aging in Multiple Ways
More Detergent Power with Luvipur 10
IBR-Snowflake® – For Skin as Smooth and Bright as Snow 
Symrise Publishes the First Genealogies for Skin Care Products 
Market / Society News / Event
Within Ten Years Brazil’s Beauty Industry Tripled to a USD 11 Billion Venture
bioskin® recipient of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology (2008) Poster Prize 
13th Giornate CID
Company News
SEPPIC Expands International Presence with Stronger Local Support in Asis 
Beraca Opens Branch Office in Paris
P&G Invests More than € 17 Million in the Expansion of its German Distribution Center in Crailsheim 
ESK and Pfaudler Agree a Sales Partnership 
COTY INC.: Double-digit Sales and Profit Grwoth for Sixth Consecutive Fiscal Year
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