sofw journal 7-2008

Sun Care
L. Ngaba, G. Mildau
Determination of the Antioxidative Capacity of Sunscreen Products by Photochemical Luminescence
U. Osterwalder, B. Herzog
Prevention of Photo Aging and Skin Cancer – The Long Way Back to Uniform UV Protection 
R. Jermann, Ch. Mendrok-Edinger, K. Smith, D. Lenz
Efficient UV-Protection Systems according to the New European Sun Care Standard
K. Jung, S. Champ, H. Flößer-Müller, M. Seifert, T. Herrling
The Vital Consequences of Choosing the Right UV-filter for the Prevention of Free Radical Boosting in UV-irradiated Skin after The Application of Self Tanning Creams 
G. Blume, U. Barkowsky
PLA-based Carrier System – Efficiently Minimising the Concentration of UV Filters in Suncare
M. Lüder, J. Blank
Hydroxytyrosol from Olives, an Interesting Radical Scavenger for Cosmetic Applications
M. Mangues, C. Carreño, J. Cebrián, N. Almiñana
A New Cosmetic Active for Safe Skin Brightening
Dry Cleaning Textiles
F.-P. Lang
Tetraethoxyethane: A New Solvent for Dry Cleaning Textiles 
Raw Materials
TEGO® Cosmo PGA – A Natural and Biodegradable Polypeptide
ZinClear™: A Highly Transparent Non-Nano Inorganic UV absorber
Scrubami® Raspberry and Scrubami® Strawberry 
LCW-SENSIENT Extends its Sustainable Line of Cosmetic Ingredients
Excellase™ – A Superior New Protease for the Dishwasing Industry
New encapsulated organic UV-A Filters
New Texture Additives for Skin Care 
New Conditioning Agent: The Symbiosis between Nature and Chemistry
Event / -report
in-cosmetics Asia: Anti-Ageing Conference Taps Into Changing Regional Demographics, Bangkok, 4 - 6 November 2008
First Natural Beauty Summit America Draws Big Attendance in New York City May 15 - 17, 2008
Company News
Kemira and Rockwood to Form Leading TiO2 Joint Venture
Prof. Xuemin Wang is New Scientific Advisor at Symrise
IMPAG offers Products from WARWICK
Top Chemical Industry Exec Forms Humberstone International
Atrium Completes the Sale of its Active Ingredients and Specialty Chemicals Divisions
CRM International Opened A New Plant in St. Raphael France
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