sofw journal 5-2023

Personal Care
M. Hopkins Hatzopoulos, M. Bon, S. Neplaz, D. Mechineau, J. Cazette

Meet the Anti-frizz Durable Shape Challenge

E. Martin, R. Campiche, S. Gourion-Arsiquaud, M. Jomier, M. Waeckel, F. Guillemard

On the Map – Skin Actives for Scalp Care

W. Cabrejos Caracciolo

Evaluation of the Type of Polymer and Co-surfactant in Coacervate Formation

I. Ekimova, D. Schicker, A. Springer

Green, Purple, or Red? Developing Stable and Effective Color Concepts for Aqueous Personal Care Products with Natural Extracts

Home Care



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