sofw journal 4-2008

M. Weimer, H. Mertsching
A 3D Human Skin Model as an in vitro Test System 
L. Rigano, L. Tozzi, P. Cossio, P. Orawski
Cosmetic »Highways«: The Surprise of Polyethylene Polymers
J.A. Soto
Purified Ocean Water as a Cosmetic and a Therapeutic Solution 
G. Ritzmann
REACh and the Consequences for Natural Ingredients 
S. Champ, V. André, H. Flösser-Müller, S. Schulte
A Safe and Efficient Sunscreen Protection 
F. Ibarra, J. Jänichen, W. Petersen
Efficacies of Different 1,2-Alkandiols as Antimicrobial Agents 
R. Ohrmann
A Hydrophilic Emollient for Aqueous and Aqueous/Alcohol-based Cosmetic Preparations
P. Morganti
A World of Wellness in Beijing, The 8th World Congress of the International Society of Cosmetic Dermatology (I.S.C.D.)
M. Herzog, W. van Drunen
The Effect of Floor Polish Films on the Value and the Hygiene Improvement of a Floor Surface 
H. Widulle
The EU Biocidal Product Directive – First Review of the Influence of the Directive on the Market for Environmentally Safe Biodes
Raw Materials
A New Cosmetic Active: DayMoist CLR
New Anti Stretch Marks Solution: REGU®-STRETCH
New Functions of Micronised Boron Nitride – BORONEIGE® for Skin Care
New Pigmentary Titanium Dioxide AC360
Skin Stem Cell Protection with PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica
SAMBUCUS Line Extension
New Fast-Acting Skin Firming Agent 
Natural Protection for Cosmetic Oils
Looking beautiful with »Green« Solutions
AstraForce: Anti-Aging Especially for Blemished Skin
hpci-congress: Romanian Society Supports the Congress
7th World Surfactants Congress: CESIO 2008, 22 - 25 June, Paris, France
in-cosmetics India, 17 - 18 September 2008, Mumbai
Company News
New Sales Director at ROVI Cosmetics International GmbH
Uniqema to Further Grow its Business Under the Croda Brand Name 
Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex Enters Personal Care Market 
Cognis Acquires an Interest in the Natural Product Specialist InterMed Discovery
DermPharCos Created for Sceientific Innovation & Product Claims Intgrity in Dermatology
National Starch Personal Care Announces New European Business Director
LycoRed Awarded New Skin Protection Patent 
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