sofw journal 3-2008

M. Meinke, S. Haag, N. Groth, F. Klein, R. Lauster, W. Sterry, J. Lademann
Method for Detection of Free Radicals in Skin by EPR Spectroscopy after UV Irradiation
K. Jung, M. Seifert, T. Herrling
The Fatal Effect of Self-Tanning Agents during UV Irradiation
T. Callaghan, M. Brand, K.-P. Wilhelm
Microrelief & Wrinkle Measurements
D. Boudier, M. Le Luillou, K. Seatun, Prof. Li Li, B. Closs
Comparative Studies of Three Natural Active Ingredients on Caucasian and Asian Skin 
M. Husmann
Surfactancts Derived from Naturally-Occuring Amino Acids
A. Mitarotonda, A. Muggleton, C. Tiedrez, Z. Webster
A Combined Methodology for the Rapid Screening of Structural Ingredients for Disperse Systems
H. Eggensperger, P. Bauer, B. Bockemühl
Complex of Cosmetical Active Agents with Threefold Effect
M. Hazenkamp, J. Werner
Washing at Lower Temperatures in Western Europe
R. Miller, V.B. Fainerman, J. Yorke, J.T. Petkov
Dynamics of Adsorption Layers at Liquid-Fluid Interfaces
Market Report
The Age of Naturals Study Sheds New Light on Women’s Motivations, Fears, and Passions for Natural and Organic Beauty Products – Study also details attitudes toward nutricosmetics and cosmeceuticals and desired delivery systems 
Raw Materials
Baycusan® – Solvent-free polyurethanes for the cosmetics industry
A new GMO-free and peanut oil-free Vitamin A oily form
Outback Spirit™ 
O.D.A.white™, A skin brightening ingredient with a new mechanism of action 
Natural textures with sucrose esters
ArctiCare™ –  Active ingredients to Berry phenolics
SCC’S Annual Scientific Seminar, June 5-6, 2008, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Florida

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