sofw journal 12-2007

Dr. Bernd Ziolkowsky
SEPAWA Congress 2007
H.G. Hauthal
54th SEPAWA Congress and 3rd European Detergents Conference 2007, October 10th - 12th, 2007, Congress Centrum Würzburg 
O. Fuentes, M. Pissavini, K. Golz-Berner, L. Zastrow, S. Mirasole, H. de Jager
How to Boost Efficiently Your Preservative System 
Nguyen Phuc
N-(2-hydroxyethyl) iminodiacetic acid (HEIDA) – Biodegradable Chelating Agent in Cleaning Applications 
Cleaning Recommendation for Sanitary Fittings
K. Raabe
Spincontrol and Cosmetic Valley – A Symbiosis of Special Kind 
The SEPAWA Akademy for SEPAWA Members
Raw Materials
Sun Care Formulation: Sensory Experiences and Longer-lasting Protection
Whitami® – A Preservative-Free Whitening Cosmetic Active
Symrise introduces its line of Actipone® products 
Hydresia Base Emulsion System
5th proDERM Intensive Seminar, Statistics for Non-Statisticians
March 11th - 12th, 2008, Schenefeld/Hamburg, Germany
PCHi China 2008, March 17th - 19th, 2008, Shanghai, China
Society News
»Building on Water« - IFSCC Conference 2007
EFfCI’s Annual Conference held at Chantilly/France
Company News
Kolb Group Switzerland: all change at the top
drom FRAGRANCES expects record results in 2007
New Editor of SÖFW Journal
ISP Appoints Gopinathan Menon
Desert Whale Jojoba Co. Farms Renew Organic Certification and Gain EU Certification
Authors’ Guidelines
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