sofw journal 9-2007

Y.Z. Hessefort, B.T. Holland, H. Zheng, J.J. Sabelko
Gas Sorption: A New Method to Identify Hair Damage Using True Porosity Measurements 
C. Lenaers, S. Guichard, M. Lavaur, N. Solingeas, B. Closs
Hair Growth Stimulation: Hormonal, Vascular and Metabolism Regulations
G. Blume, S. Teichmüller
An innovative Serum to promote Hair Growth
K. Lintner, C. Mas-Chamberlin, P. Mondon
How not to Age 5 Years in 6 Months – A Clinical Study to Demonstrate the Benefits of Cosmetic Preventive Care
T. Herrling, K. Jung, J. Fuchs
The Important Role of Melanin as Protector against Free Radicals in Skin
L. Schubnel
A Different Approach to Lifting Efficacy Based on a Natural Active Ingredient 
R.H. Müller, A. Hommoss, J. Pardeike, C. Schmidt
Lipid Nanoparticles (NLC) as Novel Carrier for Cosmetics – Special Features & State of Commercialisation
M. Hermoso, A. Wähling, M. Lohmann
Sea Buckthorn Products: Processing and Marketing Strategies in Eurasia
M. Loeffler
Optimized Surfactant Concentrate Containing Betaine, Taurate and Isethionate
Event Report
V Stratum Corneum Congress, Cardiff, July 11th - 13th, 2007
Society News
The Tube Council »Ted Klein Tube of the Year 2007« competition
Industry supports decision to work toward common North American regulations for chemical substances
A week of cosmetics, beauty (and homecare) in Russia with in-cosmetics Eastern Europe, InterCHARM and PCAR
TRI Short Course: The Science behind Hair Claims
NYSCC Fall Seminar 2007, Creative Thinking and Innovation
7th Fresenius ECOTOX Conference »Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecotoxicology and Risk Management«
Company News
drom: New international head of purchasing
COGNIS: New Global Head of Applications Personal Care
IMCD Türkiye Distributes WACKER’s Silicone Fluids and Antifoam Agents to Home and Personal Care Industry
International Specialty Products acquires the Biocides Business of Bode Chemie
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