sofw journal 7-2007

Sun Care
H.-J. Weigmann et al.
Development of a Universal Sunscreen Protection Factor(USPF) Based on Ex Vivo Spectroscopic Measurements
B. Diffey
Do We Need a New Public Health Policy on Sun Exposure? 
Kiyoshi Sato
A Mechanism of UVA-Induced Pigmentation and UVA Protection
J.F. Nash
Harmonisation for Sun Care Product Testing and Labeling: Whats Possible?
B. Herzog et al.
New Insight and Prediction of Photostability of Sunscreens 
L. von Oppen-Bezalel
Colorless Carotenoids, Phytoene and Phytofluene for the Skin: For Prevention of Aging/Photo-aging from the Inside and Out
L. Marlier et al.
Novel Olefin Graft Polymer for SPF Boosting
H. Eggensperger et al.
Complex of Active Agents for Skin Protection Against Oxidative Stress Factors
H. Rohwer, T. Wieprecht
Bleach Containing Detergents – Assessment of Color Damage 
54th SEPAWA Congress with European Detergents Conference in Cooperation with the GDCh-Expert Group Detergent Chemistry, October 10 - 12, 2007, Würzburg, Germany, Programme 
In Memoriam
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Asinger
A Pioneer in Petrochemical and Surfactant Chemistry
Raw Materials
The New Generation of UV filters: All-round protection for the shole day
PARSOL® Guard: A Shield to Protect Color and Light Sensitive Ingredients in Personal Care Products
The AvoTriplex Technology for Long Lasting, Photostable UVA/UVB Protection
Company News
The Labelling Guide for Substances and Preparations
Encyclopedia of Excipients
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