sofw journal 6-2007

G. Guglielmini
Combination of Sulfurated Amino Acid Derivatives with Sebostatic and Antioxidant Effects 
S. Eberlin, M.C.V. Pereda, G.C. Dieamant, C. Nogueira, M.L.S. Queiroz
Application of Pfaffia Sp., Ptychopetalum olacoides and Lilium candidum Associated Extract as a Cosmetic Eyecare Product for Periorbital Disorders
G. Mildau, A. Burkhard, J. Daphi-Weber, J. Große-Damhues, J. Jung, B. Schuster, C. Walther
Basic Requirements for Safety Assessments of Cosmetic Products 
CSC Cosmetic Science Conference, April 18 - 19, 2007, Paris, France – at in-cosmetics
M. Bernhard. J. Müller, T.P. Knepper
Biodegradation of Linear Alkylbenzenesulfonates and Sulfophenylcarboxylates in Wastewater: Comparison of an optimised Lab-scale Membrane Bioreactor and activated Sludge Treatment
G. Meyer, I. Behrmann
Influence of Non Linear Alkanes on the Physical Properties of Fully-Refined Paraffin Wax
Event Report
8th International Conference of the Asian Societies of Cosmetic Scientists (ASCS), March 7 - 9, 2007, Singapore
Market Report
Men’s Fragrances in the United States 2006
Women’s Fragrances in the United States 2006
Facial Skincare – A Pan-European Overview 2006
Raw Materials
Flax-Tein Pro: A New Soothening and Moisturizing Protein for Skin and Hair
Personal Care Wet Wipes
Ultra™ PC Amino Alcohols: Efficient Neutralizers
BIOPLANT: A New Skin and Hair Care Line Based on Coastal Plants
Hair Waves – Biophysical Evaluation for Hair Care Products
Society News
Wolfgang Blume is the New President of the DVRH 
54th SEPAWA Congress with Prof. Klaus Töpfer as Guest Speaker

Company News

Authors’ Checklist 
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