sofw journal 4-2007

R. Moyon, K. Golz, L. Zastrow
The Formulation of a Distinctive Skin Care Product
M. Carew
COSMETRICS™: Proof, in vivo, in seconds 
L.M. Kessell, B.J. Naden, I.R. Tooley, T.F. Tadros
Advanced Adsorption for Actives Application 
M. Axterer, M. Herrmann, I. Meyer, K. Schaper, H. Joppe, C. Mueller, G. Vielhaber
Nutgrass (Cyperus rotundus) – A Traditional Ayurvedic Plant with Promising Properties for Modern Cosmetic Applications 
H. Eggensperger, D. Ihlbrock, P. Bauer
Olive Oil as a Matrix for a New Active Agent Complex
F. Montcriol
An Active Ingredient from Anogeissus leiocarpus – The Link Between Sustainable Development and Collagen Synthesis
M. Loeffler, D. Miller
New Developments in the Field of Surfactant Thickeners
E. Mauger, J. Latreille, L. Ambroisine, M. Tenenhaus, Ch. Guinot
Typology of Cosmetic Behaviour of French Women from Paris Area
B. Ziolkowsky
Natural Ras and Active Ingredients for Green Concepts 
M.E. Chateau, M. Lang, M. Antonietti, K. Rodrigues, A.M. Carrier
Synergies of Hydrophobic Polymers and Surfactants on Surface Activity and Cleaning Performance
C.H. Baehr, W. Koehl
Soluble Silicates – Highly Versatile and Safe
Alufoil Trophy 2007: Genuine Innovation Creates Bright Future for Alufoil
Raw Materials
Panadoxine P – A Stable Vitamin B6 for Cosmetics
ArctiCare™ for Personal Care
Pro-Sveltyl® – Scred Lotus for a High-Impact Anti-Cellulite Action
The Beauty of Sheep 
Wacker-Belsil® P 101 – Novel Hairstyling Polymer
Commipheroline – Push up for Skin
New Performance Additives for Conditioning, Cleansing Formulations
BeauActive™ MTP: Milk Tripeptides
In Focus APHRODISIA: Greentech’s Strand Cosmetic »Sex Appeal«
ROVI Ghassoul – A Light Brown Powder
Inspire a Whole New Attitude with SYNTRAN® Polymers
Natural Jojoba Oils
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Enters Decorative Cosmetic Market with Full Line of Cosmetic Grade Pigments
Color Cosmetics Summit, June 4 - 6, 2007, Singapore
Beauty Eurasia 2007, June 14 – 17, 2007, Istanbul
Company News
TRI-K Industries Named Exclusive US Representative for Mibelle AG
Dr. Scheller Cosmetics AG Plans Withdrawal from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Reed Exhibitions Rebrands its Personal Care and Homecare Portfolio
Another Top Perfumer Joins drom
Authors’ Checklist 
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