sofw journal 11-2006

J.-O. Eichler
In vitro Test Systems for Toxicological Examination of Cosmetic Raw Materials
U. Wollenweber, M. Farwick
Salicyloyl Phytosphingosine – The Next Generation Anti-Aging Active Ingredient
K. Schweikert, W. McGregor, C. Klein, G. Dell’Acqua
Amino Acids to Increase DNA Repair after UVB Irradiation of Reconstituted Human Skin 
C. Lenaers, V. Barruche, G. Bon, C. Chauprade, B. Closs
A New Approach of Dry Skin: Use of a Regulator of the Epidermal Circulating Hydration Process
V. Badmaev, M. Majeed
Innovations in Natural Cosmeceuticals: Skin Health and Natural Products for Topical and Nutriceutical Skin Care
X. Petsitis
Formulating with Bi-Functional Pigments
Hair Care
Th. Walter
Cream to Mousse Hair Conditioner – A Fast and Simple Application to the Hair
H.G. Hauthal
4th Fresenius Conference on Detergents and Cleaning Products
IKW Quality Assessment Recommendation: Compatibility of Shoe Uppers with Care Products
Raw Materials
SymCalmin® - Calming and Soothing for the Skin 
LUMOROL 4357 – Effective surfactant blend for alkaline cleaners in household and industrial applications
Dermican™ LS 9745 – an expert peptide for high tech anti-aging solutions
BEAUdiversiTÉ BOREALE – Polar plants
Baobac Oil – originates from East Africa and Madagascar 
SPF and Water Resisting Testing
Society News
53. SEPAWA Kongress with European Detergents Conference: A great success
Market Report
America’s Clean Hands Report Card SM – Can’t Rise Above »C« Level
Women want to add color to their life – bronzers and colors are driving force in the prestige makeup industry 
International Exhibition for Hairdressing, Cosmetics and Wellness: cosmobelleza – cosmowellness, Barcelona, March 10 - 12, 2007
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