sofw journal 10-2006

H.G. Hauthal
Organic Polymers in Detergents and Cleaning Agents
F.-P. Lang, R. Morschhäuser
Washing Properties of Soil Release Polyesters
G. Reinhardt, L. Cuypers, A. Ince, N. Jeckel
Decanoyloxybenzoic acid (DOBA) – An Effective, Safe and Environmentally Friendly Hydrophobic Bleach Activator
S. Richert, A. Schrader, K. Schrader
In-vitro-Test Methods: Application Possibilities during Product Development and for the Claim Support of Cosmetics
T. Clarius, Ph. Moser, O. Freis, F. Henry, L. Danoux, Ch. Jeanmaire, V. Bardey, G. Pauly, A. Rathjens
New Marketing Concepts Through the Use Of Biomimetic Active Ingredients: Transfer of Vegetal Mechanisms to Skin and Hair Care
H. Eggensperger, P. Bauer, D. Ihlbrock
Preservation of Cosmetic Formulation Without Any Listed Preservative 
Event Report
H.G. Hauthal
Spider Silk Proteins and Other Natural Materials
Company Profile
BTC Speciality Chemical Distribution Expands Service Range
Raw Materials
Symdiol® 68T: An Antioxidant and Moisturizer
Adaptonyl®: Science and Ayurved combined for a return to natural equilibria
Colorona® Precious Gold: New Effect Pigment 
Wacker® HC 303 VP: Novel Silicone Emulsion for Impregnants 
Feelosophy: Tailored Products and Solutions for the Wellness Trend 
Anti Age »Drink« 
SCS Formulate, 28 – 29 November 2006, Telford International Centre
Emulsion Days, 16. - 17. November 2006, Zürich 
Natural Ingredients 2007, 30 October – 1 November, ExCel, London
Company News
P&G: Traditional Brands like 4711, Sir Irish Moos and Tosca will be Sold
Nalco: New European Distributors and New European Account Manager for Personal Care
Cosmetics & Toiletries Industry in the U.S. Riding Five Year High: Kao from Japan is the Fatest Growing Company
Preservatives for Cosmetics
Inspiring Knowledge – Symrise Releases the 14th Edition of the Geneology of Fragrance 
Authors’ Checklist
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