sofw journal 8-2006

G.H. Dahms
Low Pressure Emulsification Techniques for Nano-Emulsions with Exceptional Dermatological Properties
R. Wajda, J. Zirkel, T. Schaffer
A Novel Carrier System for Cosmetic Application
L. Rigano, V. Pagani, N. Lionetti
Formulating for Delight: Sensory Approach in Formulation Strategy 
H. Eggensperger, D. Ihlbrock
Antimicrobial Additives for Cosmetic Formulations
S. Anderson
REACH: Are You Ready For The Practical Implementation 
IKW working group automatic dishwashing detergents: Methods for Ascertaining the Cleaning Performance of Dishwasher Detergents, (Part B, updated 2005) 
Raw Materials / Products / Test Methods
An extensive natural exfoliant range
Matricol® Vital C – Nutrition for Skin
New high potency molecules
Microbiological Service: AMicroS® 
Company News
Frutarom new supplier for IMPAG Import 
New updated website from Morretec Industries Inc. and Extracts and Ingredients Lts.
Beiersdorf plans sales of Hirtler soap factory
Cognis consolidates European manufacture of its rheology additive DSX range in Spain 
INEOS Silicas sells North American Sodium Metasilicate Business 
CP Kelco announces expansion of Shandong Province
Authors’ Guidelines 
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