sofw journal 6-2006

M. Pletnev
Green and Natural Surfactants: Recent Developments 
R. Becker, Ph. Haas, J. Kugler
Silicon Products for Fabric Care
B. Levecke, K. Booten, M. Elton
Nano-Emulsions Based on Inulin Surfactants for Personal Care Formulations
N.V. Yanishlieva, E.M. Marinova
Antioxidant Activity of Some Natural Antioxidants in Lipids at Ambient Temperature
Event Report
B. Ziolkowsky
New Personal Care Actives, Report from the in-cosmetics, Barcelona, Spain, April 4 – 6, 2006 
IKW Recommendation for the Quality Assessment of Winter Windscreen Cleaners for Windscreen Washer  Systems (Version 2005)
Test Methods
Oral Malodor Assessment at proDERM
Raw Materials
Melafresh® T96 
Euxyl® PE 9010 – a perfect alternative for global preservation
Company News
Sabinsa Corporation opens office in Europe
Symrise completes its strategic reorientation 
Gerschon-Cosmetics – New standard catalogue 
IMCD expands in South Africa
Lipotec obtained a court intervention at the in-cosmetics trade show to defend one of its patents
Enzymotec is granted with a new US patent on Lyso-phospholipids
Merck KGaA announces strong financial results for the first quarter 2006
Authors’ Guidelines


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