sofw journal 3-2006

D. Schmid, E. Belser, Ch. Liechti, F. Zülli
Skin Rejuvenation with a Biomimetic Peptide Designed to Promote Desquamation
W. McGregor, K. Schweikert, G. Dell’Acqua
Sebum Reduction in Oily Skin Individuals by Treatment with a Combination of Panthenyl Triacetate and Farnesyl Acetate, Precursors of the Isoprenoid and Sterol Syntheses 
G. Biagini, F. Gabbanelli, G. Jucarini, K. Kyrikidou, M. Mattioli-Belmonte, P. Morganti
The »Green Chemistry« Activity of an Antioxidant Network Melatonin-Rich
M. Meder, R. Milbradt
Taurate copolymers – Access to New Sensory Profiles in Cosmetics Applications 
Hair Care
C. Schwarzwälder, C. Ecker
New Hybrid Materials Improve Combing Properties of Conditioners
New Developments in Hair Care
• Composition for Damaged Hair
• Vitamin B6 Derivatives
• Aerosol device for performing lightening or coloring hair
• Emulsion for hair treatment
• clear hair-treatment agent 
J. Storsberg, S. Garnier, M. Mertoglu, K. Skrabania, A. Laschewsky
Polymer Surfactants – Novel Agents with Exceptional Properties
Raw Materials
Herma’Tîte™ – A Stone Extract Derived from Hermatite 
ZETESAP ST – A New Syndet Base 
Sense the Arctic Spring 
Opextan™ – Olive Fruit Extract 
DSM Nutritional Products enriches the Parsol® range with Parsol® TX
Skin and Formulation 2nd Symposium, 9 - 10 October 2006, Versailles, France
ACHEMA 2006: World Forum for the Process Industry, 15 - 19 May 2006, Frankfurt am Main
Company News
BASF Clears Federal Trade Commission Review
Ciba Speciality Chemicals Announces Sales Agreement with Huntsman for Textile Effects Business 
Atos Origin Signs 150 Million Euro IT Outsourcing Contract with Symrise
Croda Personal Care signed an agreement with Oxonia plc 60
Successful Trouble Shooting for Process Engineers
Chemistry and Technology of Flavours and Fragrances 
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