sofw journal 1/2-2006

J. Tiedtke, M. Lueder, O. Marks, I. Junge
Radical Scavenger Effects of Gingko biloba in in-vitro Studies
B.-K. Jo, G.-W. Ahn, J.-H. Jeong, Y.-I. Hwang
Clinical Studies on the Anti-Irritation Effects of Mung Bean (Phaseolus aureus) Extract in Cosmetics
L. Rigano, G. Giammarrusti, F. Rastrelli
Vegetable Oils – The Base of New Active Principles
H. Gebauer
Pharmacological Effects of Chemomile Constituents
R. Ohrmann
Easier Processing and Improved Sensory Benefits with Two New Plant-Based Emulsifiers
J.W. Wiechers, P. Rossi, J.E. Berg, L.M. Harnisch
Color Uniformity Enhancing Effects of Dimethyl Isosorbide in Dihydroxy Acetone-Containing Self-Tanning Cream Formulations 
New Developments in Preservatives, Desinfectants, Insecticides
F.-P. Lang
New Color Care Additives for Detergents 
CSC Conference at in-cosmetics, April 5, 2006, Abstracts
Company Profile
BioTeSys: Your Partner for Product Development 
Raw Materials
New Technology smoothes deep wrinkles without injections
TAED – bleach activator in detergents
Dihydroavenanthramide D for topical applications to help reduce itch and irritation
An innovative method to evaluate »Water Resistant« sun products 
Event Report
Eurolipids, International Trade Fair for Fats & Oils and Related Technologies, November 2-4, 2005, Frankfurt, Germany 
Society News
SEPAWA: Sektion Benelux: Meeting at Priorij Corsendonck, Oud Turnhout (Belgium), 15th November 2005 
Cosmeceuticals Summit 2006: Current Trends in the Research, Development and Marketing of Cosmeceutical Products for Skincare Applications, March 23 - 24, 2006, Miami, Florida, USA
Defining and Designing Our Future: The 6th World Conference on Detergents, October 9 - 12, 2006, Montreux Convention & Exhibition Centre
Human Hair / Cosmetic Interactions: Fundamentals and Methodology, April 25 - 27, 2006, Princeton, NJ
2nd International TRI/Princeton Conference on Applied Hair Science, September 18 - 19, 2006, Princeton, NJ
Company News
Lehmann & Voss & Co.: Increase in shareholding in Schneider Umwelttechnik AG, Switzerland
Kaneka Corporation of Japan announces completion of additional expansion of Coenzyme Q10 production facilities at Takasago, Japan plant
Nivea Seoul Ltd: Launch of NIVEA Hand in Korea
Food Plants of the World
Decorative Cosmetic and Facial Care
Pocket Guide to Cosmetics 
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