sofw journal 12-2005

Event Report
H.G. Hauthal
52nd SEPAWA Congress and First European Detergents Conference 2005
Over 3000 visitors at the 52nd SEPAWA Congress 2005 
A. Braunagel
Trends and Innovations in Colour Cosmetics
A.M. Zalfen, G. Wortmann, F.-J. Wortmann
Electrophoretical Method for Assessing the Damage Induced by Hair Bleaching
Developments and Enhancements in Oral and Tooth Care 
Event Report
Third proDERM Scientific Seminar: The Biological Clock – Mechanics of Aging
Raw Materials
New ingredient for toothpastes? 
Anti-irritants for the cosmetics industry
Eastman outlines rich potential for vitamin E in skin care 
A new alternative cosmetic preservative
Society News
IFSCC conference 2005: Cosmetics: »World wide wellness« 
Key industry sectors sign up to further refine, reduce and replace the use of animals in testing 
Company News
Symrise: Passing on the torch in the Fragrance Division 
Schott to open new production site for quality pharmaceutical packaging in China
BASF launches new visual image for its Cosmetics Solution Division 
Pentapharm Ltd: Inci Nayki new Sales Manager for Switzerland 
Aerosol-Service AG: New mixing area
Merck KGaA announces new leadership
Simon Frauchiger joins Cognis Ion Transfer team to strenghten European sales activities 
Huber 40 years in Europe 
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