sofw journal 11-2005

C. Zarling, S. Lebok
Decorative Pencil Cosmetics 
New Developments in Mascara – Make-Up, Skin Dyeing and Lipsticks
D. Schmid, F. Suter, F. Zülli
Soothing Factor from Opuntia Cactus for Sensitive Skin
J. Meyer, P. Allef, H. Fötsch
A Novel PEG-free Emulsifier Designed for Formulating W/O Lotions with a Light Skin Feel
W. Beilfuss, M. Leschke, K. Weber
A New Concept to Boost the Preservative Efficacy of Phenoxyethanol
T. Oldfield, T. Carter
Using Antioxidants to Ensure the Quality of Personal Care Products
R.U. Rojas Wahl, J.R. Nicholson
SPF Boosting – Silicones Offering Enhanced Performance and Economy
Hair Care
B. Ziolkowsky
HairS’05: 14th International Hair-Science Symposium, September 14-16, 2005 - Fulda, Germany
J. Jaynes, E. Martin, G. Merkle
Polymers for Household Applications
V. Schlicht
New Trends in Leather Care
Raw Materials
Amaranth oil – »Gold of the Inca« 
Aldavine™ – a highly potent cosmetic active ingredient 
Optoderma® – Cellular memorizer scalp gel and body lotion 
Cehami® PF – a natural extract from the Australian outback 
V. International Kiev Surfactant Days: Call for Papers: Ernst Götte Award 2006 
Market Report
Cosmetics and Toiletries in Canada – Men’s Grooming Products
Company News
Clariant – Expanded Group headquarters now fully operational
Gattefossé establishes new business office in Mumbai, India
Cefic: Outcome of votes in European Parliament Committees is a step in the right direction for REACh
L’Oréal makes further investment in China with opening of its first research centre in the country
Ingredients Guide 2005/2006: The Reference Work for the Cosmetic Industry
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